the first wearable  dynamic  nft 

The Binary Collection

2359 NFTs.   5 Rarities.   Random Mint.  Sept 2022.
Each NFT is a Dynamic NFT displaying your set Timezone.
Collect all 5 to get a Binary Watch.
1 of 1000
1 of 750
1 of 400
1 of 200
1 of 9

The Binary Card

The Binary Card is separate from The Binary Collection , and consists
of a Digital NFT linked to a Physical Watch.

There will only be 24 Binary Cards and Watches in existence.

To obtain the Binary Card, a collector needs to hold all five cards from
The Binary Collection (Uncommon, Common, Rare, Legendary & Mythic).
The set of cards can be turned into the RELYC Vault for the final Binary Card.
In the process of requesting a Binary Card, the collector must also give us a shipping address.

Once that is completed, the collector will immediately receive a Digital NFT of the Binary Card. They will also be shipped a Physical version of the card and watch, once assembly is completed.

When holders turn all 5 Cards into the RELYC Vault, common cards will be burned
while the rest will be airdropped back to random holders of the Common and Uncommon cards.  There will only be 20 Digital/Physical Binary Cards and Watches available to be redeemed in The Binary Collection.

Card Holder Incentives

The Binary Collection is not only dynamic art, but also serves as your token to the future of dynamic NFTs. Holding one or more cards will grant owners access to the listed incentives below:

+ Airdrop eligibility to holders
+ Gain access to special collaboration events with your favorite artists
+ Earn whitelist spots for the future generations
+ Claimable metaverse Binary watch
+ Ghost watch purchasing
+ Voting Rights

Click the link below for more details.

Holder Incentives

Relyc Roadmap

+ Launch
The Binary Collection launches in August of 2022. The FIRST dynamic NFT that you can wear. Finalized date TBD.

+ First Card Holder Vote
Card holder votes will happen sporadically and as needed for the development of current and future progression.
We already have some important votes that determine smart contract functions. (e.g. limit number of timezone updates)

+ Watch Fabrication
Fabrication of physical Binary and Ghost watches will not begin until all 2359 cards are minted***

+ Metaverse Watch Implementation
Card holders will be able to claim the Binary Watch in the available metaverses selected

+ Binary Watch Availability
The Binary Watch and Card will be shipped to Collectors who have claimed a Binary Card NFT

+ Ghost Watch Availability
The Ghost watch will be available for purchase in our online store to every card holder with no extra charge above manufacturing and shipping costs

++++ Air Drops and Voting +++++
Airdrops and voting will be randomized and announced ahead of time.



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