Card Holder Incentives


There will be several airdrop events during the life-span of the The Binary Collection and future Relyc Projects.
The most common Airdrop will happen once a holder collects all 5 cards and redeems the final Binary card.
When this happens, RELYC will burn the Common card, and Airdrop the remaining Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Mythic cards back to holders.


In order to give owners a fully digital, physical and dynamic wearable, we will also be injecting our watches into the Metaverse.  

All holders will have the ability to redeem a metaverse binary watch.  The community will decide and vote on which metaverses they want the watches to be injected into.

Collaboration Events

RELYC has plans to bring you rare, dynamic watches in collaboration with some of your favorite artists.
Your NFT is the only ticket to the live auction of collaboration art.

Whitelist Access

Owning a share of RELYC will grant you early access to future projects, collaborations and events.
There will be a vote cast on the parameters of whitelisting for future projects. Our team has some interesting ideas that we want
the holders to decide on.

Binary Watch Fabrication

RELYC is working with a jeweler for the binary card(metal) and watch(titanium and gold). Only 24 will ever be made. The 4 listed team members of Relyc will get 4. The remaining 20 will be available to card holders who turn in the 5 variants of the Binary Collection NFTs to the Relyc Vault.

*The fabrication of both will begin once all 2359 NFTs have sold. *
**Delivery dates will be communicated to holders once fabrication begins.**

Ghost Watch Fabrication

We understand not everyone will have the ability to obtain the exclusive Binary watch. Therefore, RELYC will also be fabricating holder-only ghost watches . Purchase costs will not exceed the cost of manufacturing and shipping. As a token of appreciation, we want our holders to have the ability to claim a physical watch.  The ghost watch design and construction will be revealed later to holders. The current working design is a wireframe of the binary watch with the intention of being made out of clear plastics.


Relyc has some exciting plans for current and future generations of watches, but some of those plans need your approval.
To start, RELYC has mechanics built into the Binary Collection that the community will vote on in order to trigger.

We will be osting our first card holder vote  within the first month after launch.

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